Our requirements

Our requirements about booking cats in our hotels. 

All our guests need to be treated for internal parasites prior to their arrival and must bring their vaccination booklet with the trivalent vaccine (Panleucopenia, Calcivirus, Rhinotraqueitis), Leukaemia and rabies vaccine. They must carry as well their microchip.

Cats older than 7 months old must also be neutered prior to their arrival and must bring an antiparasite necklace or pipette.

Cat kennels must be properly named in order to avoid confusions.

Gatosphera recommends to bring at least one blanket or bed, their favourite toys and a cloth or object from the owner so that the animal can recognize it.

We don’t allow cats that due to their age, physical condition or character can’t be treated in proper conditions. We always recommend for these situations to leave the cat with a family member or friend or to ask for a home caregiver.

Food for cats with special diets, as for example cats with urinary, kidney or intestinal diseases, must be brought by the cat owner.

Booking will only be considered in writing (email). Any changes on dates must also be registered by email. Gatosphera will confirm the booking in the same way.

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These rooms are spacious, luminous, inviting, thought for numerous families. They all have a spacious garden with different height surfaces where all …



Standard rooms are located at Gatosphera central building. All rooms have wooden floors and different height surfaces, so that cats can enjoy spaces …



Your cat will receive all necessary cuddles in this room. It is specifically designed for kitten and cats with special needs.…



These suites are thought for 2 or more cats, although can also be used by visitors that come alone that and choose “great luxury”.…



Our facilities are designed exclusively for cats, providing each room with all possible means so that they have maximum comfort.

In each room we have shelves at different heights so they can climb and move on different levels.



We have additional services such as:

  • The Gatoteca
  • Flyng Cat
  • Basic Services
  • Pick up and home delivery

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