Basic Services

Our hotel offers some basic services that you can choose for your cat during its stay:

THE BRUSHING can be done daily or weekly depending on the type of hair of the animal. Your cat can bring its own brush. This will only be done if the cat likes it, since we try to minimize any stress situation.


Exotic or Persian cats (who generate lots of eye boogers) can have a daily eye cleaning with hypoallergenic wet wipes or any other product that you can bring from home and you regularly use.


This service is normally offered in summer. It is done with a wet towel mitt and warm water, and it consists of a massage over the body in order to clean and refresh them in hot days.


While your cat is with us, we will be in contact through whatsapp, Facebook, email and by telephone. We will be sending you pictures, messages or videos about their stay with us so that you can see how they are spending their holidays with their new friends.

These services are included in the fee paid for their stay.