Our facilities are exclusively designed for cats, providing each room with all the necessary staff for an extra comfort. Each room has surfaces with different heights so that cats can climb them and move from one to another.

We have turned some rooms into more private rooms where they can hide if they don’t want to be seen. We’ve got rooms of different sizes and forms for our most demanding clients.

Each client has its own basket to leave its travel kit (vaccination booklet, brush, blanket, medicines, candies, etc.).

During the winter season we have heating and waterbed heaters for the most shivery cats. During the summer season, we have air-conditioning for the most heat-sensitive cats. Each room has an individual heat lamp apart from the general heating.

The food service is offered in stainless steel o ceramic dishes, in order to keep the water fresher and to avoid plastic dishes that provide food with a bad taste or smell.

Each door has a ticket with the cat likes and a board with the type of food to be given or any other important information considered by the cat owner. We have opened and closed sandboxes for the most modest cats.

Classical or chill out music is played during the day. The sound of the corridor fountain transmits a calm and relaxing environment. There are toys and tools available for all our guests. The garden access door can be locked at night, if requested. (Although cats love going out at night and they are more active at this time).

We own rooms with curtains for the most nervous cats. We use Feliway in order to lower the stress and if the owner agrees, we offer the possibility of giving Bach flowers.

Security is one of our priorities. For this reason, we have placed security corridors in outdoor facilities in order to have a direct access to the garden.

Our hotel guardian (MARCELO) will attend any client request with pleasure…(During opening hours)

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